4 Types Of Artistic Gardens

Today gardening isn’t just a hobby; it reached high levels to a form of art. Many represent today a result of gardener’s imagination and passion while before it mainly resulted in a particular climate. Also, many enthusiastic homeowners and landscapers which always strive for most beautiful landscape, find the art of floral creation a calling, an internal driving passion.


Today, expression of gardener’s imagination while landscaping is going above all limits from day to day making gardens a masterpieces. That’s why today there is an incredibly wide range of beautiful types of gardens and here are some common ones.

Woodland gardens

This type of gardens consists of various native plants and flowers which require low maintenance. These can be in the form of woodlands garden that their natural habits, in the form of shade gardens in which grow many plants that do not tolerate shade or wildflower gardens which include both, sun or shade-loving plants.

Urban gardens

Specific gardens because of their location nature.

These include rooftop gardens which are great alternative solutions but pretty challenging and more expensive due to ungrateful roof conditions. Container gardens are also great alternative and more thankful than rooftop gardens because they can be installed in the smallest spaces such as balconies.

Environmental gardens

Xeriscape gardens, rain gardens, and wildlife gardens are typical environmental gardens. Xeriscape offer landscape with drought-tolerant plants which form natural landscape while conserving water and energy like rock gardens or desert and succulent gardens.


Rain gardens welcome more wildlife but also protect your water saving as they have o form of depression in the ground designed to catch the rain. Wildlife gardens welcome pollinators and butterflies, birds and even small mammals in their variety of fruit trees, flowers, herbs, and shrubs.

Water gardens

May reach levels from lowest simplicity to maximum complicity depending on gardener’s wishes and space allowing. There are several forms of water plants like cattails and water lilies plus many moisture-loving plants which will grow successfully around or in some fountains, waterfalls, streams or small water ponds.