Successful Lawn Maintenance

Regular lawn maintenance is the only way to get healthy and lush, green lawn. No matter it looks straightforward it requires most challenging maintaining. Most important of all is to spend time on your garden, enjoy it and paying attention to the grass with keeping track of any problems. After this, some standard basics of lawn care follow with proper toolkits.

Lawn tools

These are critical elements which create proper maintenance. Tools like a lawn mower, trimmer or edger, spreader, thatcher and leaf rake are basics which will do their job and make it all much more comfortable. Size of a mower follows the size of a lawn, and it is a real investment.

man mowing the grass, the mower close up

Pay attention it has a sharp blade and takes good care of it because it is also most expensive of all tools. Trimmer or edger will keep your grass in line; spreader distributes seeds and fertilizer, thatcher keeps grass healthy by breaking up layers of dead and living plant stems while leaf rake successfully cleans up grass clippings.

Lawn tools

Mowing presents regular and most important part of lawn maintenance. It is just important to pay attention to proper mowing that will keep your lawn vibrant and healthy. It is best to do it in the evening or the morning hours. The lawn should never be wet while mowing and specific type of grass requires particular mow height. If you harvest rarely than consider removing heavy clippings on the grass.

Watering tips

Some typical warning signs about proper watering is the change of grass color which already presents the state of trouble. So to prevent this a regular schedule of lawn watering should do the work.


This schedule will depend on grass species, soil type, climate zone and season period. An average lawn needs watering every two to three days. Usual recommended time of day to water is before dawn.

Weeding tips

Fight against weeds will be much more comfortable as healthier your lawn is. Another successful step against weeds and pests is a proper lawn maintenance. If there comes a moment when you notice some wee it is essential to tackle it immediately.

Herbicides will help but not with all kinds of weeds.


Schedule of proper fertilizing depends on climate zone but also of grass species. It is usually applied during months when grass grows and not during the dormant period. Even doze of fertilizer is very important because too much will significantly damage the grass.